Business Summary

It is said that the marbled meat of a castrated and the heifer is high in value in Japan, but the meat of Keisan-gyu fattened up carefully has moderated fat and wagyu original flavor. And the meat is characterized by deep umami of original beef which is not in marbled beef meat.

The number of wagyu mother is small compared to wagyu heifer. Among these few cattle, Jukuho Farm chooses mother wagyu that is suitable for refattening. When it comes to refattening mother wagyu, it is not just about feeding them a lot. As each wagyu was raised up under the different environment and were fed based on roughage in many cases, they stop eating when farmers give them concentrated feed which contains high calory. High fattening technique is required to refeed mother wagyu and control and feed wagyu individually.

We analyses individual wagyu’s nature and personality and changes the amount of feeds. This refeeding technique has led us to success.

We bring down cost for purchase by specializing in Keisan-gyu. The price is cheaper compared to heifer wagyu, but it’s easy to take in a hand for consumers while keeping a refined image as “wagyu”.