~Aging while Raising~

The ‘JUKU Refeeding Program’ represents our commitment to achieving truly delicious meat, going beyond merely feeding mother Wagyu. This program has given birth to ‘Sustainable Wagyu JUKU,’ Japan’s first SDGs livestock brand.

Sustainable Wagyu JUKU is a groundbreaking mother Wagyu reraising initiative, setting new standards in Japan. Our approach centers on the idea that ‘healthy cows produce tasty beef,’ with a strong focus on the well-being of mother Wagyu.
The feed we provide includes a blend of corn, tofu meal, buckwheat, seaweed, and fruits, ensuring a rich source of vitamins and minerals. This feed is consistently given to the cows until they are ready for shipment. Additionally, we supplement the feed with three types of beneficial bacteria: yeast, Bacillus subtilis, and lactic acid bacteria, to enhance the overall health of mother Wagyu.

Sustainable Wagyu JUKU meat offers a profound taste with a rich Wagyu flavor. It achieves a perfect balance between lean meat and fat, making it a delight to savor repeatedly without ever growing tired.

Reasons for JUKU’s Sustainability:
Sustainable Wagyu JUKU is at the forefront because there were no farms dedicated to the professional reraising of mother Wagyu in Japan until Jukuho Farm emerged as the first expert in mother Wagyu reraising . We unlock the full potential of mother Wagyu and discover its underlying values.
Our sustainable practices include using food residues, such as soy sauce meals, tofu, and buckwheat noodles, in the feed. Furthermore, we reduce methane emissions from cow burps by providing a feed to reduce methane emissions. These initiatives are the pillars of Sustainable Wagyu JUKU’s commitment to sustainability

In order to contribute to a sustainable world through the meat produced by the Juku Refeeding Program, we have named it “Sustainable Wagyu Juku” instead of “Keisan-gyu”. This is because it is characterized by the quality of meat that is matured over the lifespan of the mother cow, represented by the term “Juku”. We have also added “Sustainable” to emphasize its commitment to sustainability