Business Summary

We are professionals in the art of “reraising” mother Wagyu.

In Japan, there were no farms that professionally “reraised” mother Wagyu without being a by-product.
Reraising mother Wagyu requires complex individual cow management. Furthermore, achieving consistent quality is challenging.Additionally, in the meat industry, there has been little demand for mother Wagyu meat, which is often considered second grade.

We have dedicated ourselves to original research, successfully acquiring mother Wagyu and establishing advanced raising methods.This approach consistently produces meat of more than third-grade quality, delivering the full potential of ‘Wagyu’ flavor.
In partnership with Ginkakuji Onishi Ltd., we distribute our beef not only in Japan but also across 16 countries in Asia and Europe.Our unique selling point is that our meat comes from mother Wagyu.

We are committed to promoting a sustainable livestock industry. Our aim is to develop an eco-friendly and sustainable livestock industry for the next generation. This includes maintaining animal-friendly raising conditions, using feed to reduce methane emissions, producing fermented TMR from food manufacturing by-products, and constructing cattle barns with architectural residues.

*Fermented TMR…
TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a feed that combines grass, concentrated feed made from grains (such as corn and wheat), and chaff and bran, typically. Fermented TMR is produced by adding high-moisture ingredients like food manufacturing by-products to TMR and allowing it to undergo fermentation.”