Ginkakuji Onishi Co.,Ltd.

Daikei Co., Ltd.

Japan Agriculture Export Promotion Consortium

There has been an increase of awareness of “Responsible Production and Consumption” from one of the SDGs target with the food loss during covid-19 as first opportunity.
We respond to the different set of value that is changing under coronavirus crisis and promote refed keisan-gyu.
This is the organization by Ginkakuji Onishi Co., Ltd. , Daikei Co., Ltd. and Jukuhou Farm Co., Ltd. aiming to impove the value of mother cattle, which are taking necessary role on agriculture industry such as calf production, from “abondoned cattle” to “table meat”, and to achieve “Responsible Production” to contribute Japanese live stock sustainability.
With keisan-gyu export that has not previously done, the export category of Japanese beef will be expanded and we will construct new global food value chain by promoting sustainable programmes of Japanese live stock industry.

Jukuho Bond Group
 We refatten Keisan-gyu not only in our own farm but also in other excellent proven farms with consignment. This is how we can refatten much more Keisan-gyu and share the refattening technique with our own farm and consigned farm to produce better quality beef. We always have aspiration for refattening Keisan-gyu and study better way of refattening. We try to innovate many know-hows to make improvements irrespective of precedent.

Thus, we keep trying to establish producing method for low-cost and high quality beef to extension of Keisan-gyu market.
This will help calf farmers which decreases recent years, and we can contribute to meat industry and livestock industry.