Deep taste and the rich flavor

Keisan-gyu is the cattle which has given birth. In Japan, female cattles are usually divided into beef cattle for the meat and a breeding cattle to have children.

Speaking of Japanese beef, the meat of a castrated and the heifer (the cattle which has not given birth) for food is considered to be valuable, and is characterized by tender fleshy substance and delicious fat, and receive authorization as “brand beef” by a production area and age.

On the other hand, Keisan-gyu is had the image that its fleshy substance is inferior to a castrated and a heifer. They are made into processed meat or mince after giving 7-8 births on the average per one cattle.

However, in fact, we demonstrated that the Keisan-gyu fattened up well was born again to the meat with the taste that was totally different from the fleshy substance of a castrated and the heifer with deep taste and the rich flavor.